Welcome to MUD File Maker!

This page will help you create a Manufacturer Usage Description (MUD) file for your web site.  MUD files can be used by local networks to determine how they should protect your products.  You should only list communications on this page that you have designed your product to have. For more information, see draft-ietf-opsawg-mud.

Some resources you might find interesting (apart from this page):

Some Samples

A device that just needs to talk to a single cloud service Cloud Service
A device that just needs to talk to its local controllers My Controller
A device that just needs to talk to devices from the same manufacturer Same Manufacturer

If you use the samples, you will need to modify some of the fields, and of course sign them.

Make Your Own!

Please enter host and model the intended MUD-URL for this device:

https:// / (model name here->)

Manufacturer Name 

Please provide a URL to documentation about this device:

Please enter a short description for this device:

How will this device communicate on the network?

Internet communication

Access to cloud services and other specific Internet hosts. 
Access to controllers specific to this device (no need to name a class).
Controller access

Access to classes of devices that are known to be controllers
Local communication

Access to/from any local host for specific services (like COAP or HTTP)
Specific types of devices

Access to classes of devices that are identified by their MUD URL
Access to devices to/from the same manufacturer

This device speaks